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Where did the name SIN CARS come from?

Rosen (Daskalov) knew that to realize his dream of building the unique, exciting and yet affordable racecar he always wanted, it would require an almost sinful amount of time away from family and friends.  It would also require an almost sinful amount of time, effort and money.  What better name to represent all that sinful dedication than "SIN CARS"?!  The name is obviously easy to say and to spell. The name is as unique as the car itself,.  And when it comes to marketing,'s pretty darn unforgettable!

Where are the cars built?

SIN CARS International is headquartered in Bulgaria. The proprietary components are produced in Bulgaria with the vendor supplied components coming from the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and the United States. Cars are imported into the Unites States and Canada by SIN CARS exclusive North American distributor Racers Edge Motorsports.

How long does it take to get a SIN R1?

It really depends on the demand at the time of your order. Standard lead time is 60 -90 days.

Can I test drive the car?

Yes!  Racers Edge Motorsports will gladly arrange a test for you in a team car. We charge a modest fee to cover the cost of the track rental and the service expenses.

Can I purchase a SIN R1 as a kit?

No.  All SIN CAR models are sold as fully assembled, track ready cars to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance.  We want your SIN CAR experience to be the best!

Can I modify the SIN R1 or have it built to different specifications?

Absolutely!  The car's modular design, strong components and build quality all allow for modifications for more power and downforce.  Racers Edge Motorsports can help guide you on what you can do and, if desired,  build a car for you that is designed to get the most out of your series' rules, or your individual goals.

How reliable are the engines and how long do they last?

To ensure absolutely the best performance and reliability, the SIN R1 has a race prepared Chevy LS3 engine with well proven components.  The engines are designed to run for two seasons between routine rebuilds.  Performance and reliability equal peace of mind.  What could be better?!

What if I need replacement parts or service?

As your exclusive North American distributor Racers Edge Motorsports maintains a supply of replacement parts in inventory to meet your needs.  Keep in mind the SIN R1 utilizes many readily available parts and components from various racing supply sources.  As your SIN CARS experts, our staff can handle any of your service needs, including routine maintenance, crash repairs, performance development, track support and transportation.  Whatever it is you need!

What series can I race the car in?

Pirelli World Challenge, NARRA US GT Championship, FARA, NASA and SCCA all have a class where the car can race.  Other groups not mentioned here likely also have a class and we're working on additional series opportunities.  Please let us know if you have a specific class or series in mind where approval is required or unclear and we'll help you get the approval to compete.


How is the SIN R1 as a track day car?

Awesome!  The basic design of the car is intended to be exciting, fun to drive, reliable and easy to maintain.  Roll it off your trailer and have fun!

Will the road car version be available in the US?

Yes!   We are currently focused on establishing the brand recognition of the racecar and track day models. When the timing and interest is right, we will introduce the road car to our line up.  Please let us know if you are interested and we will keep you posted on availability.

Still have questions? 

Contact us! 

(386) 785-4955

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